Members: Samantha Kreiser, Meghan Schreiber, Janessa Malett, and Jillian Gibboney
Lesson Topic: United States money system and supply/demand
Subject Area: Economics
Grade level: 3rd grade
Time: 2 20-30 minute lessons

1. Pennsylvania Standards:

Standard- 6.2.3.A: Identify goods, services, consumers, and producers in the local community.
Standard- 6.2.3.B: Identify competing sellers in the local market.
Standard- 6.2.3.C: Identify types of advertising designed to influence personal choices.
Standard- 6.2.3.D: Define price and how prices vary for products.
Standard- 6.2.3. Identify characteristics of the local economy.

2. NCSS Standards:

Science, Technology, Society

3. Learning Objectives:

Students will learn elementary economics surrounding banking, interest, borrowing, and buying.

4. Engagement:

What branch of government is in control of making money?
What locations in the united states produce money?

Money Game:
money game
Money pictures:
Video about how coins are made:
making money
Birth of a coin

5. Instruction:

Students can click on the different websites and it leads them to a discussion about different aspects of money. For example, students can click on beginners investing and it relates investing money to their prior knowledge and how they, as students, can invest their own money.
learning about money
Students can learn about money and different ways it is spent such as writing checks and taking money from an atm machine. This is an easy site for students to navigate on.
kids corner for learning about money

6. Assessment:

Students can use their knowledge of banking or their knowledge of price and make graphs supporting their findings.
This quiz can be taken after talking about goods, services, consumers, and producers.